Data protection

The following are key highlights of the most important privacy protection features of our project. This is not a full description of our data management policy and terms of service. It is mandatory to read those documents before agreeing to participate. In our work we follow the GDPR data protection guidelines.

What type of data are you collecting?

We are collecting your enrollment information, answers to survey questions, the information you share on the platform (including your comments, ratings and feedback) and the time you spend on the platform.

What are you going to do with my data?

First we will anonymize all the data, which means that no one can be traced. This anonymized data and the results of our research will be made public. All comments will be shared as public information after the experiment ends. That is why it is important not to share private information in your comments.

Where are your servers located?

Our main servers for the experiment are located in Ireland. The enrollment website and the survey platform we use for enrollment have servers located in the UK.

Do you use third party software?

Yes, we use third party software for the survey platform (JISC), for one of the commenting platforms ( and for website analytics (Matomo).

Did you pass an ethical review?

Yes, we passed ethical review at the University of Westminster and at the University of Connecticut. Ethical review is a procedure that analyzes any research to be undertaken by a university to make sure that it is not harmful for the participants and that it treats the data in an ethical and responsible manner.

What should I do if I do not want to participate anymore?

Nothing, you just stop participating. You will still receive some emails from us during the experiment. If you do not want to receive such emails anymore contact us at

I have a complaint, is there an independent person I can contact to complain about a violation of my privacy or the way you used my data?

You can make a complaint to a senior manager at the University of Westminster via

I want to delete all the data you have collected about me, how can I do that?

If you want to destroy the data we have collected, please email and we will remove all the information that you have provided through the enrollment process and the surveys. We will NOT be able to remove public comments in the discussion (see data management policy). Such data is released by you as public and open data.