Which platform will I be able to explore if I join weDialogue?

During the experiment you will be assigned to one of three different types of platform. In the debriefing phase, after the experiment ends, you will be able to explore and compare all the platforms.

Can I invite a friend to participate during the enrollment phase?

Yes, please invite all your friends during the enrollment phase! However, once the enrollment phase is over we will not be able to accept any more participants.

Why do you not accept more participants after the enrollment phase?

We need to create discussion groups that are identical in size and have similar demographic and attitudinal characteristics. Once those groups are created and the experiment has started, we cannot add new people.

Why do I have to fill in surveys?

The first survey is extremely important because we need to collect demographic and attitudinal data to create identical discussion groups before the experiment starts. Otherwise we could end up with a group made up of people that like to comment a lot, and another group that like to read without commenting. This would mean that we cannot test the effect of different platform designs. The first survey will also contain some questions that we will ask again in the final survey. This allows us to see if the experience of weDialogue has changed your opinions in any way.

How many survey will I have to fill in?

Two surveys: one at the start and one at the end.

What type of questions will you ask in the survey?

We have a mix of demographic questions, questions on your attitudes toward other people, questions on your news consumption and some political questions. None of your answers will be made public.

Why can I only create one login? Why can I not share my login with somebody else?

To maintain the validity of our research it is extremely important that each user creates only one login. In case of accidental creation of multiple logins please contact us at: info@wedialogue.world. If we detect multiple logins we reserve the right to remove the user.

Why do you need my email address? What will you do with it? Are you going to share it with anybody?

We need your email address to provide your login details when the experiment starts. We will then contact you every few days during the experiment to give you an update on what is happening and if there are responses to your comments. We will not share your email address with anybody outside of weDialogue. All copies of emails will be destroyed at the end of the experiment.

What should I do if somebody is violating the rule of discussions?

Please report any poor behaviour to moderation@wedialogue.world.

I have entered the platform, but I do not know what to do. What am I supposed to do?

Each platform has different characteristics, but in general we ask you to click on a news item on the main page and then write or respond to comments in the space at the bottom of each news page.

What platform do you use? Is there an open version I can install and reuse?

We use the deliberatorium and polis, both platforms have an open source version you can find more information about them here.

I think the platform doesn’t work. Who should I contact for help?

Please contact info@wedialogue.world.